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Assistant Accountant (M / F) - ACMS


As part of the implementation of the Access to Reproductive Health Services Program,
['Cameroon Association for Social Marketing Research for Service Needs an Assistant
Accountant (M / F).

ACMS is affiliated with the Populations Services International (PSI) network. PS] is an
A world-renowned health organization, whose programs target the
Malaria, child survival, HIV and reproductive health.

Job Location: Garoua 1

Type of contract: Fixed-term contract (lan)

Start of service: August 2017

Position level: 8 "è" 1st category, tertiary level II of the Collective Agreement
Nationale du Commerce.

The main function of the selected person will be to assist the Regional Accountant Supervisor in Garoua in the
Follow-up of receivables (reconciliations of imprest accounts received by staff, recovery of
Sales), tracking of fixed assets; The monitoring of the fuel costs of the generators and vehicles of the
region ; Reprography, filing and archiving of copies of accounting and financial documents processed in
region. The transmission of accounting and financial documents to headquarters within the deadlines. Placed under supervision
Of the Regional Accountant Supervisor, the main duties of the Accounting Assistant will be to:

- Receive and record all documents sent to the financial department of the region;

0 Provide reprography, filing and archiving of copies of accounting and financial documents
Treaties in the regions;

0 Support the Regional Supervisor Accountant in updating the progress tracking dashboards,
Inventories and receivables;

0 Ensure the transmission of accounting and financial documents to headquarters in time;

- Hold the manual bank fog of the area;

- Prepare the accounts for reconciliation of the accounts of the region and submit to the Accountant's assessment
Regional supervisor;

- Participate in the follow-up of the reconciliations of the advances made from the regional bank account and the follow-up
Recovery of claims in the region;

- Support the supervisory accountant in the follow-up or implementation of audit recommendations
Financial processes in the region;

O In collaboration with the Administrative and Management Assistant, Carry out quarterly inventory
Capital and office supplies in the region;

- Update the immobilisation file of the region and the immos files per holder;

- Track petty cash and fuel expenses in the region and report to the accountant
Regional supervisor,

- Participate in the completion of the inventory inventory of the regional store;

. Meuer any other tasks assigned by the hierarchy in relation to the position.

Accepted by the Ministry of Public Health;

Qualifications. Skills and professional experience required
° Be of Cameroonian nationality;
- Holding a Bachelor's degree in accounting, management or economics
0 Have at least two (2) years of professional experience in a company / NGO as a
Accountant, Assistant Accountant or Administrative and Financial Assistant
Be of good character;
Fluent in English and / or French and a good command of the other language;
° Knowledge of computers is compulsory in particular current accounting software (Excel,
Sage husband, ...) and word processing;
- Good interpersonal skills
° Familiarity with Social Marketing or NGOs is an asset

Additional Skills Required:
0 Being autonomous while having a team spirit.
. Have a sense of organization {*
0 Demonstrate integrity, honesty and good character
. Promoting diversity
. Promote and defend organizational priorities
- setting performance criteria
. Focusing on results and excellence

Application form:
1. A letter of motivation;

2. A curriculum vitae according to the form provided for this purpose and available on the website of the
CASM: http://www.acms-cm.org
Photocopies of diplomas required;
A photocopy of the valid National Identity Card (NIC);
Photocopies of documents demonstrating required experience

6. An extract from the criminal record number 3. (To be provided when taking service)

Place of filing of files
The complete files will be deposited in an anonymous envelope marked:
"Application for the position of Regional Accounting Assistant PAS-SR, ACMS"
]. At the ACMS headquarters in Yaoundé located in the Mballa ll district at the place Dragages Tel / Fax: 222 20 92 24
2. At the Regional Office in Garoua located in the Marouaré quarter behind the great mosque of Poumpouré, Tel: 222 -27
-20 -02
3. At the Maroua liaison office in the DOUGGOI-Maroua district Tel: 693 22 62 06/69] 70 49 33
4. To the N'Gaoundéré Liaison Office located in the Administrative District Tel: 690 12 46 66/693 22 75 56
5. At the Regional Office in Douala located in the Ndogbati district (Carrefour Agip) next to the Maison du cycle Tel: 233 -
41 -11 -12

6. At the Regional Office in Bamenda: COW STREET -NKWEN Tel: 233-36-20-79

NB: Deadline for the admissibility of applications: Friday, 14 July 2017.

Applications from women are strongly encouraged and only the shortlisted candidates will be

ACMS reserves the right to recruit at a lower level or on the basis of
Modified job profile.