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Consultant Production of C4D tools for the protection of children in the Far North


Purpose of the Assignment

The Far North Region is affected by the crisis in Lake Chad. This crisis continues to destabilize the region as a whole with a high degree of insecurity, causing many displacements since 2013. Children are exposed to multiple risks, including family separation, exploitation in all its forms, abduction, Recruitment into armed groups, sharp declines in birth registration, exposure to mine risks, improvised explosive devices and war remains, gender-based violence including child marriage, and Sexual exploitation, neglect and psychological distress. Community-based networks for the protection of children (RECOPE) were organized in the various localities affected by the conflict in order to carry out social and community mobilization activities for the prevention, reporting and referencing of cases of abuse, violence And exploitation on children thus strengthening the protective environment of the child. The Community Network for the Protection of Children (RECOPE) is a group of volunteers residing in the same community and designated by their peers to ensure the close protection of children.


In accordance with its work plan for 2017, the Cameroon - UNICEF Cooperation Program in its Child Protection component is seeking a National Cabinet or expert group to support the creation of communication tools for development to be used by members of the Community networks for the protection of children in the context of their mission.

Assignment Tasks

The main objective of the assignment assigned to the firm or group of consultants is to provide community actors with awareness-raising tools for the protection of children (in French and in fulfulde):

1 picture box and its guide containing at least 15 cards (family separation, illegal recruitment by Boko Haram or indoctrination of children, marriage of children, violence on children at home, on the way to school And at school, the 6 serious violations of the rights of children in situations of armed conflict)
2 types of posters
1 Cartoon for Children / Youth of at least 20 pages R / V
15 Thematic counseling cards for community workers (Family separation, Illegal recruitment, Mine risk education, sexual violence and child marriage)

The main activities to be carried out by the consultant are:

Review of existing tools (posters, Video, Picture Boxes, Poster, Comic, Tips, Poster) on child protection (particularly in the extreme north)
Consideration of the report on the perception of children on violence
Definition and validation of the technical contents of the tools to be produced
Design of tool models and pre-validation;
Community pre-test (in the extreme north) of all communication tools developed;
Finalization of the pre-tested versions of the paper supports.
Validation at the Coordination Group for the Protection of the Child of the Far North (Maroua)

Expected Deliverables

1st Tranche after 5 days + 20%: (i) Consolidated review of the tools including good practices, (ii) Detailed timeline of the consultation

2em Slice after 25 days + 25%: The contents of the image box, and the script of the comic are validated

3em Tranche after 15 days + 25%: (i) Draft of validated products before pre-test, (ii) Models and modifiable electronic copy of tools in French and fulfulde

4em Slice after 20 days + 30%: Electronic supports (modifiable) and pre-tested paper and validated tools including:

Validated report of the Pre-Test of tools and validation
Finalized models of posters, picture boxes, cartoons and thematic boards (CD / USB stick / external hard drive)
Final Report of the Consultation

Qualifications of Successful Candidate

For the purposes of the mission, the National Agency must mobilize a team of experts in image communication:

Specialist in social communication / scripto-visual production
A designer / Infographist
A cartoonist
French translator / Fulfulde

Experience required for the agency:

Have a legal existence in Cameroon with an Existence and experience of at least 5 years.

Profiles of experts: These professionals must present:

Certified knowledge in their respective fields
At least 5 years of experience in their field
Ability to adapt complex and technical messages to multiple and diverse audiences;
Good knowledge of DTP and CAD software
A good graphic design experience
A good experience of collaboration and teamwork
A good command of French and knowledge of fulfulde
Experience in similar work


The communication agency will work under the supervision of UNICEF's Chief of Child Protection Section and in partnership with UNICEF's Communication for Development and Land Teams, the Regional Delegation for Social Welfare of the UNICEF 'Extreme North. It will have to have its own resources for the accomplishment of its mission (computer, software, ...).


Any communication agency wishing to participate in the selection process must also produce a complete administrative file, submit a Technical Offer with a detailed timetable and a separate Financial Offer. The selection process will consist of the examination of the candidature file submitted for consultation.

Each agency's administrative record will include:
The legal status of the Company,
The Trade Register;
The Taxpayer Card to the Real Plan;
The patent at the current effective tax rates;
A certificate of Domiciliation Bank issued by a bank of the 1st category.

NB: the absence of one of the above documents results in the rejection of the offer.

The technical offer will include (i) an analysis of the TORs indicating the mission's understanding; (ii) a detailed methodology; (iii) a detailed timetable indicating the complete mission planning; (iv) a timeline detailing each expert's intervention V) a timetable for submission of deliverables (vi) detailed CVs of proposed experts (vii) list of hardware and software used
The financial offer will include the full, detailed and estimated costs of the services. A clear distinction will be made between personnel costs and operational costs of the mission, including field missions (Maroua). All amounts will be expressed in local currency (CFA Franc).

UNICEF will not be liable for any other costs related to this consultancy.

Please provide your ability, if available, and daily / monthly rate (in US $) to undertake the. Applications submitted without a daily / monthly rate will not be considered.

UNICEF is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce, and encourages qualified female and male candidates from all national, religious and ethnic backgrounds, including persons living with disabilities.

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