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Contracts and Litigation Officer (H / F).



Background and rationale

The Cameroonian Association for Social Marketing (ACMS) is seeking, for service needs, a (01) Contracts and Litigation Officer (H / F).

The successful candidate will provide support in achieving the objectives of the platform in terms of Human Resources management and specifically on the management of contracts and Litigation. He / she will replace the human resources officers in case of absence.

CASI is a member of Populations Services International (PSI), PSI is a world-renowned health organization whose programs target malaria, child survival, HIV, and health. of reproduction.

Workplace: Yaoundé

Type of contract: CDD

Taking of service: April 2018

Position level: 9th category, level D of tertiary sector II of the National Collective Agreement on Commerce.

Job Description

Placed under the supervision of the Senior Coordinator in charge of Human Resources. The Contracts and Litigation Officer will have the following main responsibilities:

R1: Administrative Staff Management

Ensure the writing of correspondence related to the interactions between the human resources department and third parties;
Provide the interface between the staff representatives, the Directorate, and the Labor Administration;
Provide the interface between the Mutual Insurance Office and the Human Resources Department;
Ensure strict compliance with laws, regulations, procedures, rules of procedure, staff regulations, code of conduct, in order to protect staff and the platform in all acts related to Human Resources;
Establish the Health and Safety Committee of the association and ensure monitoring and management with the security department of the platform.

R2: Contracts Management

Develop leases, consulting, service delivery, partnership agreements, etc. and contribute to their management (monitoring of implementation, renewals and deadlines);
Contribute to the management of sub-contracts and contracts with the sub-recipients, the donors, where applicable;
Work with the Procurement Service to develop contracts with service providers and suppliers;
Monthly to make available to various departments the situation of the different contracts of the platform;
Maintain a contract file of the platform to facilitate operation by all departments;
Send alerts to various departments to report deadlines;
Report any risks identified in the implementation of contracts within the platform and propose corrective measures.

R3: Policy and Human Resource Management

Prepare and conduct annually a staff satisfaction survey on the Association's human resources management policy with employees and share with the Administrative Department the results of the study as well as the recommendations;
Prepare the review of Human Resources management procedures in line with the management guidelines;
Verify that the management and staff development policies developed by ACMS comply with applicable legislation;
Ensure that the Human Resources Management Manual is up to date with regard to the policies of the ACMS, the legislation in force in Cameroon and is widely distributed among the staff;
Conduct ad hoc training on CASI legislation and policies as needed;
Update CASI policies and procedures related to human resources management;
Ensure the implementation of audit recommendations on human resources management;
Ensure compliance with the procedures in force within the ACMS, bylaws & social legislation;
Ensure a legislative watch.

R4: Litigation Management

Detect existing or potential legal risks of the Association in transactions with partners and third parties, report them and propose corrective measures;
To follow the files of the Association with the Social Administration CNPS and the work (Litigation with the employees);
Follow with the Purchasing Department and all other departments of the Association the different with the providers and partners (various Claims) and give directions in the direction of finding solutions;
Work with the Legal and Taxation Board to solicit legal opinions on various issues of concern to the Association;
Initiate procedures for the follow-up of the creditors of the ACMS (Credits Sociales, Credits Commerciales);
Consult with the tax and law firm for advice on contract management, human resources management and platform management issues in general.

R5: Participate in the management of ACMS Audits

Contribute to the management of Human Resources audits, the tax & social controls, the workforce, as well as the implementation of recommendations related thereto.

R6: Ensure reporting and archiving

Produce monthly statistics on contract management and litigation;
Produce monthly progress report and follow-up of litigation platform;
Produce weekly his WP;
Ensure the systematic and electronic archiving of contracts, files related to the monitoring of contracts and litigation of the platform;
Ensure the classification of incoming and outgoing mail related to the management of contracts and litigation.

R7 - Other

Perform all other tasks assigned by the hierarchy.

Qualifications and professional experience required

To be of Cameroonian nationality;
Hold at least a law degree. A degree in Human Resources Management, Administration, Management will be an asset;
Have a minimum of four (4) years professional experience, including two (2) years in a similar position in the legal department, a development agency, an NGO, a project or a large-scale company. Relevant experience in an international NGO will be an asset;
Have knowledge and practical experience in areas such as: contract law, labor law, management of social & administrative litigation;
Have ACMS and be able to improve operations accordingly;
Speak fluently in French or English and have sufficient command of the other language;
Have a good command of computer tools and software (Word, PowerPoint, Excel);
Have a mastery of the office pack;
Familiarity with social marketing and / or NGOs is an asset.

Additional skills required:

Have good public relations skills and organizational skills;
Have a strong sense of confidentiality, honesty / integrity, and demonstrate commitment and ability to work in harmony with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures;
Ability to demonstrate skills for the management of human relations, communication and the development of its employees;
Ability to think analytically and strategically, and a management capacity focused on results;
Have a structured mind and a good capacity for oral and written expression;
Have a willingness to work under pressure and to question themselves;
Being able to build synergies in the structure;
Being proactive, knowing how to give structured suggestions, and knowing how to work in a team and in a transversal way with the other services.


Application file:

A cover letter ;
A detailed CV following the form available for this purpose on the website: http://www.acms-cm.org;
photocopy of the degree required;
Photocopy of the valid national identity card;
Photocopies of the documents justifying the candidate's experience (Attestation of internship and employment, work certificate and / or any other document relating thereto).

Place of filing of the files

The complete files will be deposited in an anonymous envelope bearing the mention: "Application for the post of Contract and Litigation Officer at ACMS":

At the headquarters of the ACMS in Yaoundé, located in the district Mballa II Dragages Tel / Fax: 222-20-92-24
At the regional office of Garoua located in the Marouaré district behind the grand mosque of Poumpoumre tel: 222-27-20-02
At the liaison office of Maroua located in the district DOUGGOI-Maroua Tel: 655 82 84 84/660 52 20 55;
At the N'Gaoundere liaison office in the administrative district Tel: 690 12 46 66/693 22 75 56;
At the regional office in Douala located in the Ndogbati district (Carrefour Agip) next to the cycle house Tel: 333-41-11-12
At the ACMS Bamenda regional office at COW STREET-NKWEN Tel: 333-36-20-79

Deadline for the admissibility of the files: Friday 09 March 2018

Female applications are strongly encouraged and only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

CASI reserves the right to recruit at a lower level or on the basis of a modified job profile.


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