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Masters & PhD Scholarships at University of Cape Town - South Africa


Masters & PhD Scholarships at University of Cape Town - South Africa

The Archie Mafeje Research Scholarships in
Critical Decolonial Humanities

The School of African and Gender Studies, Anthropology and Linguistics invites applications for a limited number of Masters and Doctoral research scholarships. Students appointed will be linked to the Archie Mafeje Chair in Critical Decolonial Humanities which is funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. This is part of a major research initiative in critical humanities and decoloniality, which is being initiated by the University in the light of protests against persistent and lingering inequalities and injustice that is both local and transnational in scale and scope. While there is urgency and immediacy to the current crisis, the deep rootedness of colonial and multiple global engagements over centuries requires reflection and re- thinking of the intellectual and epistemological origins with the associated moral, symbolic, historical and scientific legacies and contemporary realities in multi-and interdisciplinary ways with new tools of conceptual and empirical research.

This is a key post-colonial and post-Apartheid initiative to restore forgotten knowledges and local, regional and global connections. It aims to rethink, unmake and recreate the paradigms, concepts and practices of knowledge production from a critical perspective that grapples with the African and postcolonial experiences of the Global South. As a primary thematic concern to engage the thought of Professor Archie Mafeje, we are looking for applications that will consider; the varied links between urban and the rural areas across Africa; examine the political economy of everyday life; explore the non-linear, non-synchronic production of multi-scalar associational and institutional life within and between villages, towns and urban configurations. The overall aim is to explore new germinal forms of politics and political associations within various local and global contexts of racial and capitalist modernities.

South African students with curious and creative minds, whether historians, archaeologists, linguists, anthropologists, sociologists and other disciplinary specialisations (including the physical sciences) are welcome to apply. Applications for the scholarships will be considered from prospective students or those registered in any appropriate discipline. This is funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and preference will be given to black scholars who are
committed to contributing to the creation of new, critical, decolonized scholarship and knowledge within a critical humanities perspective.

To apply, please note the following:
1. Applicants must hold an appropriate undergraduate degree: an Honours degree for the MA and a MA degree for the PhD
2. In the subject line: ‘Archie Mafeje Chair: Critical Humanities and Decolonial scholarship application’. Please state clearly whether you are applying for master’s or PhD support.
3. Please submit a two-page motivation with your application, indicating clearly what kind of research you are thinking of doing in line with one of the areas of study indicated above.
4. A detailed CV, with a one-page autobiographical account of your scholarly development
and achievements.
5. Names and contact details of referees, including phone/cell phone and email addresses)
of three referees .
6. Proof of study at the University of Cape Town.
Please take note that the Archie Mafeje Chair scholarship funding is guided by the University of Cape Town’s application policies, rules, procedures and funding limits of the University of Cape Town.
Please take special note:
a) Should you not follow the guidelines for attaching the necessary supporting documents, your application may not be considered. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
b) Receiving the scholarship is conditional on the student fulfilling all admission criteria.
c) Correspondence will be limited to short listed candidates only. If no correspondence has been received 1 month after the closing date, applicants should consider their
applications as unsuccessful.
d) MA and PhD applications will be open until 2 November 2018.

Applications should be sent to: Shahid.vawda@uct.ac.za and Riyaaz.noordien@uct.ac.za

The University of Cape Town reserves the right to disqualify ineligible, incomplete and/or inappropriate applications. The University of Cape Town reserves the right to change the conditions of award or to make no awards.


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