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Mission Manager and Trainer: Positive Planet International


Mission Manager and Trainer

I. Presentation of Positive Planet International

Positive Planet International is an international solidarity organization and member of the Positive Planet Group whose mission is to promote social change through financial inclusion, support to microentrepreneurs and the implementation of innovative business models.

Active in many countries, Positive Planet offers programs in West and Central Africa to support micro entrepreneurs as well as advisory and technical assistance services to microfinance stakeholders to improve their financial and social performance. .

Our areas of intervention range from education to health, through the promotion of entrepreneurship and the development of promising sectors. Our representative office in Cameroon also contributes to the improvement of knowledge in microfinance and the dissemination of good practices.

In Cameroon, Positive Planet started its activities in April 2011 with the implementation of a project to support women's entrepreneurship, followed in 2013 by the multi-country project "Postal Initiative for Migrants" funded by the European Union. . Since June 2017, it is in the implementation phase of the "Support Project for Vulnerable Women Entrepreneurs in Cameroon through support of 10 digital houses" over a period of 02 years.

II. Project description

Positive Planet has been mandated by the Orange Foundation to strengthen the training offer of "Maisons Digitales" in order to increase the impact on the economic and financial autonomy of Cameroonian women. The Digital Houses set up by the Orange Foundation in Cameroon provide women with computer equipment used on site as well as training on various topics.

The objective of the project is to "strengthen the training offer of the Digital Houses to leverage the effects on the economic and financial autonomy of Cameroonian women".

More specifically, it will be:

Accompany the implementation of the educational contents of the 10 Digital Houses:

From May 2017 to: Garoua (North), Kousseri (Far North), Ngaoundéré (Adamaoua), Nkongsamba (Littoral), Yaoundé-ASBY (Center)
From May 2018 to: Maroua (North), Bafia (Center), Doumé (East), Dizangué (Littoral) and Koutaba (West)

Support the capacity building of women by monitoring / coaching the training of beneficiaries in 10 Digital Houses in Cameroon

The main activities of the project are:

Activity 1: Select trainers and adapt existing training content

Select trainer pool within CPFF and ASBY
Identify the needs of women beneficiaries of the 10 homes
Adapt the training content according to the needs of women and their level of literacy, using the innovative content already created by Positive Planet as part of the project Microfinance and Women in Cameroon

Activity 2: Strengthen the capacities of CPFFs and Associations and women beneficiaries in financial education and management of AG

Creation of a pool of 20 trainers in financial education, IGA management and digital training techniques
Organization of training sessions of trainers and follow-up coaching to the beneficiaries of the trainers of the CPFF partners and the ASBY (using the supports developed within the framework of the Maisons Digitales Côte d'Ivoire project, including the videos)
Stakeholder training in developed content

Activity 3: Establishment of a directory of EMFs operating in the area of ??the 10 digital houses

Identification of EMFs operating in the area of ??the 10 digital houses and providing financial services adapted to the needs of the beneficiaries of these digital houses
Elaboration of the directory of the EMF intervening in the zone of the 10 digital Houses (informing on: their contacts, their services, their conditions of access ...)
Dissemination of the EMF directory with MINPROFF, CPFF partners, ASBY and other partners of the Orange / Cameroon Foundation

Activity 4: Establishment of a monitoring and evaluation system for the effects of the project

Develop tools for monitoring the effects of the project
Conduct basic baseline studies and monitoring of project effects at the beginning and end of the project
Train the leaders of the Orange Cameroon Foundation in monitoring evaluation
Organize a capitalization workshop to replicate the project nationally

III. Mission and Responsibilities

As part of the implementation of the "Support Project for Vulnerable Women Entrepreneurs in Cameroon - The Digital Houses of the Orange Foundation", Positive Planet International is looking for a mission and trainer.

The mission leader and trainer will be based in N'Gaoundéré and under the supervision of the Project Manager.

He / she will also be supported by the project manager and the Positive Planet International experts to carry out his / her mission. Its mission will be based on the following tasks:

Assure in his area of ??intervention, in collaboration with the Project Manager, an implementation of the project in accordance with the operational strategy, the requirements of the organization, the criteria of the donors
Implementation of all project activities in close cooperation with partners in its area of ??intervention;
Support the Project Manager in the planning, implementation of the project by ensuring operational and financial aspects;
Conduct data collection for the training needs assessment (on financial education and management of IGA) of women in her area of ??intervention;
Support project partners in the identification and selection of trainers to benefit from the training of trainers in financial education and management of income-generating activities;
Participate in the preparation and organization of training sessions for trainers and follow-up coaching in financial education and management of Income Generating Activity for the benefit of the trainers of the Digital Houses
Coach the trainers of the Digital Houses of his area of ??intervention in the preparation and conduct of training in financial education and management of income-generating activities;
Support the Digital Houses of its area of ??intervention in the definition, planning, implementation and monitoring of their capacity building activities in financial education and management of AGR
Participate / Supervise multiplication and follow-up support for microentrepreneurs targeted in their area of ??intervention;
To collect the necessary data for the elaboration of a directory of the financial Structures of the zones of the digital houses of the project;
Ensure a good distribution of the directory of financial structures in the Digital Houses of its area of ??intervention;
Facilitate communication sessions on the project at the local level.
Participate in the management and operation of the database (application) for monitoring microentrepreneurs;
Organize events to promote women's entrepreneurship in its area of ??intervention;
Capitalize lessons learned and make strategic recommendations in its area of ??intervention;
Ensure good internal and external communication around the project in its area of ??intervention;

Participate at the request of the Project Manager or the National Coordinator, in the development of the activity of Positive Planet International through the realization of the following activities in its area of ??intervention:

Participation in capitalization and action research actions;
Participation in identifying opportunities for new projects / programs;
Participation in the design and drafting of proposals for new projects / programs;
Representation at meetings / meetings of the women's entrepreneurship sector;
Participation in reporting and capitalization of realized actions;
Participation in the response to specific calls for tender.

IV. Internal relations

Project Manager;
The Project Manager / National Coordinator of Positive Planet - Cameroon;
The Regional Director
The heads of the offices of the zone
The experts / project managers of the area;
The technical experts of the Positive Planet network;
Headquarters Development Department;
The technical direction of the headquarters.

V. Skills, abilities and quality

The candidate will:

Have a university degree or higher school at the Bac +3/4 level;
Have a good geographical and socio-cultural knowledge of the Northern Regions of Cameroon; Have knowledge of the issues of women's entrepreneurship in Cameroon in general and the Northern Regions of Cameroon in particular;
Have a good level of knowledge in adult education, financial education and support for microenterprises;
Have excellent writing and oral skills, ability to demonstrate, clearly and concisely argued in front of an audience;
Being able to interact with a wide variety of actors
Have a good level of knowledge in computer and office. Mastery of Power Point, Word and Excel is essential;
Have a good ability to work in a team;
Know how to organize and manage priorities;
Know how to respect confidentiality;
Ability to integrate an intercultural and multidisciplinary group;
To be able to combine rigor, method, organization, versatility, adaptability, dynamism and integrity. Being able to communicate

VI. terms

Status / Remuneration: full-time fixed-term and Positive Planet grid
Immediate availability

Please send your CV and motivation letter to the following addresses: saliou.gaye@positiveplanet.ngo - edwigenicole.nkoa@positiveplanet.ngo



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