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Position Title: Human Resources Assistant - US Embassy


Under the direct supervision of the Human Resources Specialist and the general supervision of the Human Resources Officer, the incumbent provides assistance with personnel management of Locally Employed Staff (LE Staff). Duties and Responsibilities include position management, position classification advising, recruitment, performance management, interpretation and application of US Government, State Department and Embassy human resources regulations and policies, as well as Cameroonian labor regulations.


Personnel Management: 45%
Processes all Personnel Actions (JF-62 and SF-50 - appointment, WRI, promotion, downgrade, reassignment, suspension, resignation, retirement, and termination) for State Department's and all other agencies' LE Staff. Handles check-out paperwork for departing LE Staff, and calculates separation payments. Sends advance notifications and reminders to supervisors for Employees Performance Reports (EPR) and Work Development Plans (WDP). Maintains current Official Personnel Files (OPF), current Employee Performance Files (EPF) and retired employees' files for State Department's and all other agencies' LE Staff. Is responsible for limited personnel management of seven domestic staff for the Ambassador's and DCM's official residences. This involves drafting employment contracts, and computing separation payment benefits. Manages the WebPass Post Personnel database for LE Staff; this involves creating and abolishing positions in the database, making sure that information in the database is correct, accurate, and updated on a daily basis,. The data base contains personnel sensitive information. Coordinates training for LE Staff; this requires providing advice and following up employees in the filling out and submission of appropriate documents to the HR, Financial, Travel and GSO Offices, drafting employees' training contracts and maintaining/updating employees' training records in HR. Serves as Embassy's Payroll Liaison with the GFSC concerning LE Staff salary/allowances payment problems, annual and sick leave problems, overtime, travel and compensatory time off problems. Award ceremony: incumbent assists in the preparation and organization of Mission awards ceremonies. This includes preparing awards spreadsheets, drafting/updating the award booklet and preparing award payment cables. Prepares local social security documents for retired LE Staff.


Recruitment: 35%
- Assists with the organization of HR programs involving formal presentations/public speaking, such as the "LE Staff Orientation", "Performance Management", "Recruitment", etc… Drafts L.E. Staff positions Vacancy Announcement for the HR Specialist and HRO clearance and publication. Translate vacancy announcements from English to French. Reach out to counterparts in universities and institutions to advertise intern positions in these institutions. Screens employment applications. This involves reviewing all job applications to determine and select those that meet the advertised requirements of the position, sending the applications of qualified candidates to the Selecting Officials. Sits in the employment interview panel for HR technical purposes. This involves making sure that the interview procedure is followed, advising candidates and selecting officers on position requirements, salary level, hiring procedure and possible start date of employment. Reviews application forms and documents of selected candidates for authenticity, accuracy and completeness. Coordinates pre-employment medical and security clearances with RSO and HU.
- Prepares required documents for recruitment prior to employee's entry on duty (employment letter, PSA agreements, hiring personnel action, Compensation worksheet, Employee Handbook, etc…). Briefs new employees: explaining U.S. Embassy regulations, policies and procedures pertaining to personnel management (salary, benefits, leave, discipline, conduct, promotion, termination, etc…). Communicates employees' final clearance and start dates to employees' section, RSO and ISO.


Position Classification Advisor: 20%
Serves as LE Staff Position Classification Advisor at post. Works closely with employees and supervisors on position management to ensure position descriptions and Job Discussion Help Sheets accurately reflect position duties and organizational relationships. Assists supervisors in the use of proper format to ensure that all required information is included. If necessary, performs desk audits and rewrites descriptions, evaluates positions in terms of post's classification guides and standards, and recommends grade level and title. Positions serviced include all grade levels and all types of local positions.


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