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Psycho-Social Assistant (e): The Cameroonian Red Cross


JOB OFFER: Psycho-Social Assistant (e)

The Cameroonian Red Cross and the French Red Cross Recruit Psycho-Social Assistant (e)

Job Information

Job Title: Psycho-Social Assistant (e)

Hierarchical link: Assistant to the Food Security Project Manager

Position Location: Garoua Boulai Sub-Delegation

Working hours: According to the service schedule

Duration of the mission: 03 months

Preferred date of arrival: May 2018

Number of positions: 01


Presentation of the company

The French Red Cross (CRF) and the Cameroonian Red Cross (CRC) are humanitarian associations, auxiliary to the public authorities, who provide help and assistance to vulnerable people.

Since 2010, the French Red Cross (CRF) is present in Cameroon and intervenes in the areas of health, nutrition and food security and livelihoods (SAME) in the regions of the east and south. Far North.

Recruitment context

Replacement of the person who was on the position.

Part of the program team of the Garoua Boulaï base.

Job Presentation

In collaboration with the project team and program coordination, the psycho-social assistant is responsible for:

1. Building capacity and monitoring CRC field officers and volunteers

Design and develop the various training modules based on awareness-raising themes related to nutrition and dietary diversification on the one hand, and the other on the themes of prevention / reduction / community management of conflicts between farmers and pastoralists;
Develop a capacity building plan for the Fields Officer and Volunteers and participate in the organization of the CRC Volunteer Training Workshops and project beneficiaries on the themes raised;
Set up a post-training follow-up plan for Fields Officers, volunteers and beneficiaries;

2. Supervise outreach activities to people in the project area

Participate in the planning and implementation of outreach activities with the project team particularly on sensitization aspects on diversification, nutrition, prevention / reduction / management of agro-pastoral conflicts, as well as on the activities of mothers' clubs;
Strengthen mechanisms for prevention / reduction / management of agropastoral conflicts at village and communal level;
Organize group chats around village conflict management committees;
Develop and provide a project complaint mechanism mechanism;
Participates in the design, tools for monitoring activities related to its function;
3. Implement psychosocial support activities
Design and develop the various tools for monitoring and implementing activities related to the psychosocial component;
Ensure the implementation of the speaking groups and individual listenings for the benefit of people, refugees and hosts to help them cope and recover from traumas experienced;
Connect the affected people followed by the project with specialized partners;

4. Reporting, capitalization

Conduct an initial inventory of conflicts and crises in general in the project area;
Propose areas of intervention to strengthen people's ability to prevent, cope and overcome conflicts and reduce sources of tension;
Monitor evolution and rehabilitation through mass sensitization and individual listening of those who are victims of potential conflicts / tensions in the project area;
Make proposals to the project team on possible actions of the activities based on their understanding of the issues;
Participate in the development of surveys and focus groups in the field;
Meet with partners and stakeholders to collect the necessary information;
Participate in coordination meetings with project implementation partners;
Ensure the capitalization of data related to its activities at Field Officer and volunteer level;
Write the reports and propose analyzes and solutions to bring;

5. Represent the organization with beneficiaries, partners and authorities

Work towards the goals that CRC and CRf have set for themselves in the convention;
Establish and maintain good communication with local authorities and religious / traditional leaders of communities in the project area;
Ensure the synergy of CRC / CRf actions with the different implementing partners in the intervention zone;
Represent CRC / CRf in national or regional technical meetings or workshops related to issues

Essential skills and experiences:

Have analytical and synthesis skills.
Have a class A driving license;
Have the initiative to promote networks and identify opportunities.
Have a very good relationship (internal and external).
Have team spirit, knowledge sharing, continuous learning.
To be dynamic and diplomatic.
Respect the principles of the International Movement of the Red Cross and Red Crescent: humanity, neutrality, unity, universality, impartiality, volunteerism, independence.
Demonstrate good physical endurance, with long distances to drive and relatively difficult conditions during frequent field supervision visits.

Recruitment process

Applications must contain:

An updated Curriculum Vitae;
A cover letter ;
A photocopy of the diploma / equivalent required;
A photocopy of the national identity card;
Two references that can be contacted;

The application form may be submitted in closed envelopes with the reference number GBA-SAME-042018-001 and the title of the post at the following addresses:

Maroua: Sub-Delegation of the French Red Cross and be handed over to the wardens at the office located in the Pitoaré district, next to the DRSP (Regional Delegation of Public Health), building C4 / IRD / CRF;
Yaoundé: French Red Cross Delegation 2005 rue Henri Dunant BP 631 YAOUNDE;
Garoua-Boulaï: French Red Cross, behind Restaurant le Couscoussier;
Kousséri: French Red Cross, residential area 500m from ICRC offices
Or send to: recruitcrfyaounde@gmail.com

The files should be addressed to the Head of Sub-Delegation of the French Red Cross in Garoua-Boulaï.

Candidates shortlisted on file will be convened later for a written test in all the premises of the FIU in Cameroon.

Unselected files will not be returned to applicants


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