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Scholarship Opportunities for MBA students - FUNIC Scholarship Application



FUNHIC has and offers a package of scholarships that will provide all candidates the road to Financial Freedom. FUNIC places strong emphasis on a holistic educational approach for all its students where social and ethical responsibilities are as important as academic excellence.


For students with outstanding ethical leadership track record or desire, strong entrepreneurial leadership potential, strong desire for Agricultural Entrepreneurship, disabled, an internally displaced girl and who embraces the core values of FUNIC, a host of attractive scholarships and awards are available.

Scholarship Opportunities for MBA students
We are pleased to inform the public that Fotabe University is putting in place a merit based scholarship in the amount of 50million XAF to support post graduate students who are unable to afford the MB/Masters program at
Fotabe University.

1.    Ethical Leaders Scholarship: This scholarship is principally for students in high school who demonstrate out standing leadership qualities. This scholarship award can amount up-to 150,000XAF to study a FELA program. To be eligible for this scholarship students would have to:

  • Lead a High School Club
  • Has a reputation for ethics
  • Hold at least an Ordinary
  • Be involved in leadership activities in Local church, community, business etc.

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2.    Young Entrepreneurs Scholarship: It’s often the case that young people who have started or are involved in a business recognize that they need additional skills and competencies to grow and sustain their businesses. The young entrepreneurs scholarship could be awarded to those in this category for up to a sum of 150,000XAF to study a program at FELA

3.    Returning to Learning Scholarship for Girls: The current Socio-political crises in the two English speaking regions of Cameroon has displaced lots of Cameroonians internally to neighboring villages and cities. Differences in leaving standards makes for a difficult life for this IDPs. The effects are usually harder on women than for men, who sometimes are not favored when families have to choose those who will return to school. The returning to learning scholarship for girls, which can be awarded between 100,000XAF and 1,800,000XAF, can help women to get educated and qualify for decent jobs through any program at Fotabe University. To be eligible, an applicants must:

  • Be a female
  • Be an internally displaced person (IDP)
  • Be a holder of at least an ordinary level certificate

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4.    Youths in Logistics Scholarship: Business trends are changing very rapidly. As a result transport and logistics is continuously rising to prominence, as distribution has become the backbone for success in todays businesses. It is usually sad that many young people wish to take advantage of the opportunities presented in the logistics sector, but can not afford quality education. This scholarship offer which could be 390,000 or 475000 can help these youngsters acquire the HND or Top-Up degree respectively, the very much needed Education that can put them on a path towards making a mark in this industry. To be eligible to apply for this scholarship, applicants should:

  •  Be a holder of an Advanced Level or HND in Logistics
  • Be passionate about pursuing a career in Logistics

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5.    SENDA Scholarship: This is a special scholarship for people with disabilities. Those with physical disabilities should be treated and given opportunities just like everyone else. This scholarship offer which will have an amount between 150,000 and 250,000 will help people with Physical disabilities start and run successful businesses through the Social Entrepreneurship Program at FELA. To be eligible for this scholarship, an applicant should:

  • Be disabled
  • Be able to read and write the English Language

6.    Young Agric Entrepreneurs Scholarship: It is no secret that Agriculture is the Back bone of over 80% of the success of Cameroon in the past years. This scholarship is for young people who wish to make a difference by creating value out of Agricultural produce. Programs available for this scholarship offer are HND in Accounting, Marketing and Logistics and Transport. To be eligible for this scholarship that could be awarded for an amount between 350,000XAF and 700,000XAF, applicants must:

  • Be an advanced level certificate holder
  • Make primary revenue from Agriculture
  • Hail from a rural area in Cameroon.

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7.    Women in Accounting Scholarship: Women have in recent years been moving away from professions like Accounting and Finance, in favor of Marketing, Human Resource Management and other programs they consider to be easier. This scholarship is aimed at encouraging more women to pursue careers in Accounting and Finance. The scholarship could be awarded for amounts between 350,000XAF and 1,800,000XAF. To be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must:

  • Be a female
  • Hold an Advanced Level in Commercial subjects
  • Hold an HND, Top-Up degree or Degree in Accounting, Finance or related fields.

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