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World Bank Group Cameroon: Operations Officer - Conflict and Fragility


  • 31-Aug-2017

Unit Background:
The Country Management Unit (CMU, AFCC1) oversees Angola, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea (EQG), Gabon, and Sao Tome e Principe (STP). The Country Director is based in Yaoundé, Cameroon, and works closely with the Country Managers for Angola and Gabon (based in Luanda and Libreville respectively); with Program Leaders based in Yaoundé and Washington, DC; and with the CMU team of three (comprising the Country Program Coordinator and one Country Program Assistant based in Washington, DC, as well as a Senior Operations Officer based in Yaounde, Cameroon) and who support the entire program. The Operations Officer (FCV) will be based in Yaounde, Cameroon, and report to the Country Director.

Projects and Programs in Cameroon:
Cameroon is at a critical turning point. Despite its important economic potential, sustained economic growth, increasingly diversified economy and history of stability (compared to other countries in the region), Cameroon is currently experiencing significant external stressors, which include the volatile security situation in the neighboring Central African Republic (CAR) with refugees displaced in Cameroon’s East, North, and Adamawa Regions, and the increasing presence and activity of the violent extremist group Boko Haram in the country’s Far North Region. It is also faced with internal stressors such as growing inequality and the concentration of wealth and influence in the hands of a few; increasing tensions around land tenure, social fragmentation and weakening conflict-resolution mechanisms. These internal and external stressors are putting pressure on the entire system, with segments of the population openly expressing their dissatisfaction regarding state performance and service delivery. Uncertainty around upcoming political transition adds a layer of risk to the mix with a triple election coming up in 2018. Stability and peace in Cameroon will therefore largely depend on the state’s capacity to address these challenges and whether the political system can become more inclusive and efficient despite increasing stress.
In collaboration with the UN and the EU, the Bank is supporting the Government’s preparation of a Recovery and Peace Building Assessment. It also has significant investments in the Far North, North, Adamawa, and East Regions of Cameroon. Many national (and regional) projects that are supporting critical social services such as education, health, social safety nets as well as agriculture/livelihoods and transport are being prepared or implemented in these conflict/fragile areas, which are also host to an important number of displaced people. The Bank is therefore working to adapt its programs to the security context and is working with non-traditional partners such as humanitarian actors and NGOs to ensure social sustainability and effective implementation/supervision. The Bank will also dramatically scale-up activities and interventions in FCV areas and on FCV topics following the IDA 18 replenishment, including through the special sub-window for projects benefiting refugees and their host communities.

Note: If the selected candidate is a current Bank Group staff member with a Regular or Open-Ended appointment, s/he will retain his/her Regular or Open-Ended appointment. All others will be offered a 2 year term appointment.

Duties and Accountabilities:

Operational and analytical support to FCV activities and projects
• Supports the implementation of the Recovery and Peace Building Assessment (RPC).
• Provides operational support and technical advice to task teams that are preparing and implementing projects in FCV contexts, especially in the Far North, North, North, and East regions of Cameroon (e.g. Social Safety Nets, Health and Education projects, Community Development Program Support Project, Livestock development project, etc.), and especially with a view to ensuring a coherent approach to fragility and conflict throughout the portfolio.
• Supports FCV-tailored methods to preparation and implementation/supervision such as beneficiary engagement, communication, ICT powered supervision, TPM, etc.
• Supports the preparation and implementation of the program to be supported by the ID 18 sub-window for refugees and host communities, supports the identification and preparation of programs supported by the Private Sector Window for which Cameroon’s fragile regions are eligible.
• Supports task teams and the CMU with relevant and timely analysis and policy advice related to effective response to FCV issues in Cameroon (and in other countries of the CMU).
• Leads (TTL) the preparation and implementation of FCV trust-funded projects (e.g. SPF, KTF, etc.)
• Provides operational cross-support, as needed and agreed with the Country Director, to FCV projects outside Cameroon/the CMU.

Internal and External Coordination on FCV issues
• Liaises regularly with CMU management, key client representatives, and Bank TTLs, Practice Managers, and other stakeholders.
• Collaborates closely with Programs Leaders to ensure consistency in responses to FCV issues in Cameroon/the CMU.
• Assists the different teams/sectors operating in Cameroon (specifically in fragile/conflict regions) in identifying and developing synergies, coordination, and efficiency among the different projects.
• Meets regularly with development partners and donors (e.g. AFD, EU, etc.), including humanitarian actors and the UN community, to identify and foster areas of collaboration.
• Participates (and represents the Bank, as requested by the Country Director/CMU) in relevant meetings, learning events, and/or task forces.
• Develops and nurtures a network of practitioners on FCV issues (e.g. think tanks, academics, etc.).
Business Development and Knowledge Management
• Manages and regularly updates and the content of Cameroon’s digital libraries (Box accounts).
• Facilitates knowledge sharing among various teams within the Bank, including regional implementation teams (GPs and CMUs), and particularly with the FCV CCSA and the Stability, Peace, and Security GSG.
• Supports communication on FCV activities/projects in Cameroon and impact from Bank engagement, especially in the Far North, North, Adamawa and East regions.
• Contributes to business development of FCV activities/projects in Cameroon – helps identify and pursue FCV opportunities (e.g. displacement, violent extremism, gender-based violence, agro-pastoral conflicts, etc.) and supports preparation teams in operationalizing responses to FCV issues.
• Monitors emerging FCV issues in other countries of the CMU and accordingly seizes opportunities for new engagement on these issues.
• Manages the creation and regular update of a mapping platform of Bank projects and FCV indicators (e.g. displacement, conflict events, etc.) in Cameroon, with a priority on the Far North.

Selection Criteria:

• Advanced degree in a relevant discipline (sociology, anthropology, political science, conflict and security, international development);
• At least 5 years of experience working on FCV contexts, with a solid operational track record; Prior experience in Cameroon and/or Central Africa is a strong advantage;
• Prior experience working in World Bank implementation support, especially investment projects, in FCV contexts;
• Excellent operational, analytical skills, and technical writing skills;
• Understanding of Bank policies, processes and procedures, and of the roles and responsibilities of various Bank units;
• Superior client orientation and inter-personal skills with proven ability to work cooperatively with multi-disciplinary country teams, all levels of staff and managers;
• High level of integrity and discretion, sound business judgment, and diplomatic skills;
• Ability to work independently and with minimal supervision;
• Demonstrated ability to undertake a diversity of tasks within a rapidly changing and demanding environment on short deadlines;
• Willingness to travel to fragile and/or conflict areas;
• Fluency in French and English.


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